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A Perennial Home

Type- Residential Interiors
Location- Khar, Mumbai
Area- 1200 sq.ft

Three different styles are embossed in this three-generation residence located in Khar, Mumbai. The generous spaces with a holistic approach fit with the delicacy and discretion of the Rajasthani culture. The tender confluence of materials, textures and colour compliments one another. The house reflects modest design sensibilities with the attention given to every detail. Small elements like arched niches, paintings, and art used are bespoke and thoughtfully implemented. One bedroom has a traditional essence while the other has the Mediterranean feel to it, each standing unique and timeless. The living room has a striking blend of pastels with traditional sensibilities that gives an outdoor feel to it. The conscious and balanced confluence of the modern and traditional essence leaves a perennial impact.

This project is featured in The Architects Diary (August 2022).

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