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bespoke, thoughtful and process-driven


Gautam Shewa Architects

An eponymous design studio based in Mumbai, constitutes built environments with a touch of refined sensibilities. Our portfolio comprises architectural, interior design, and landscape design services. At GSA, we immerse ourselves in crafting a tailor-made design to give each client a seamless, joyful, and personalized experience.

Design Philosophy

The humanitarian aspects lie at the center of our designs. The following ethos defines the language of our practice.

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We work to create an environment that elevates human senses and enriches the everyday. Our holistic approach to design gives you not just an experience of architecture but also interior design and landscaping. 



Our approach centers on the design process, which consists of three essential phases: Research, Design, and Execution. We conduct thorough research to gain valuable insights, use creative design to generate innovative solutions, and execute efficiently to deliver exceptional results aligned with our clients' goals.

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ARTiculative and Collaborative

We are privileged to collaborate with a considerable roster of local artists and craftsmen, architects, high-end project managers, MEP consultants and other visionaries to influence and enhance designs that are inimitable and tailor-made.




Attention to Details

We communicate through keen detailing and quality. 


We are together on this journey of constantly learning, excited by the new possibilities, bound by trust, and driven by a common goal. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients and create a couture space that reflects and enhances their experience. 


Our experience in curating personalized environments leads to your experience of a better life. It starts here!

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Gautam Shewa

Founder of Gautam Shewa Architects in 2015, completed his Bachelor of Architecture from Mumbai University in 2011. His dynamic understated nature and sensibilities with a keen eye for details reflect in intricate spaces and experiences. Gautam's style is client-based and process-driven with high-end quality and aesthetic sensibilities. His constant pursuit to push his boundaries and explore the realms of living is rooted in pragmatism. His open-minded attitude, patience, and composed aura echoes in his designs- each unique and timeless. 

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