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Grease Monkey

Type- RestoBar
Location- Malad, Mumbai
Area- 3500 sq.ft

This resto-bar has an open-air garage feel with a mix of eclectic & casual dining ambience. The client's brief was to create a bistro based on the theme of Grease Monkey, so we decided to design an ambience that is laid back in an 80s garage theme. Metal and wood with antique artwork give the space an overall rustic textural vibe. A variety of seating arrangements, quirky mood lighting, antique furniture, and rustic funky vibe ties the place together in a poetic way. The main highlight is the central Volkswagen food truck with a black flooring and street lamps to give a roadside impression to the outdoor space. The indoor spaces have a raw ambience featuring exposed brick walls and old wooden furniture seating.

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