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The Perfectly Imperfect Home 

Type- Residential Interiors
Location- Bandra, Mumbai
Area- 3000 sq.ft.

This Penthouse, in Bandra is a unique two floored apartment. A very vintage looking, warmly lit lift takes you to the sixth floor of the building, and the living quarters of the family. A space with high wooden ceiling, a sloping roof and French windows with bay windows outside. A small water pond with the prettiest fish runs across the center of the living room. The custom bar in the living area is luxuriously detailed with stone and rattan. Rattan makes an important part of the decor in the house and lends to its Art Deco feel. The walls are fresh with English pastel tones and the wardrobes in the kitchen and bedroom are detailed using veneer and wall paper. Take the lift or the stairs and reach the 7th floor. The Master bedroom is minimal and comfortable. A seamless master bathroom with steam facility and switchable windows that can switch from looking outside to maintaining privacy with the touch of a button.The stairs on this floor take you to a homely terrace with different elements like wind chimes, cozy seating and warm lighting.

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